Walsh Race Craft YFZ450R Linkage System

Walsh Race Craft YFZ450R Linkage System


This linkage system will improve your quads performance in every aspect that a rear end works, you will improve traction in all ways by absorbing rough sections better and keeping the power to the ground, you will accelerate stronger and faster out of corners and off the start, your YFZ450R will be smoother and more controllable over the jumps, in the corners, on rough terrain and smooth surfaces.


Used by many top racers around the world including Chad Wienen.

The Linkage System for the YFZ450R must stay paired together, the pull rod and the knuckle have been developed to work together. The Linkage System must be used with a rear shock that has been specifically built for the Walsh YFZ450R Linkage System.

Compatible with Chad Wienen Signature Series Fox Shox with Walsh Linkage Setup.

FOX Shox part number 931-03-055