Chad Wienen Signature Series FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2

Chad Wienen Signature Series FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2


Take your riding to a world-class level with the performance and adjustability of the new Signature Series FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2 front shock package – available directly from Chad Wienen.  The application-specific “Wienen” calibration will soak up g-outs, whoops and chatter bumps on the track, without sacrifices made on body roll-resistance or bottom-out. “I’ve been working with the Factory Series Genuine Kashima Coat parts for the past few years and the goal was to improve on all areas of the calibration. We’ve surpassed that goal and I’m certain we can offer the best suspension package in the industry. These shocks are developed, tested and tuned by the Pro’s, for the Pro’s.” – Chad Wienen –

Used by pro athletes in ATV racing worldwide, FLOAT technology allows easily adjusting spring rates externally in the main chamber for your riding style and terrain.  Also, FOX gives you the availability to fine-tune the plushness independent of your bottom-out resistance and roll stiffness with the innovative EVOL air chamber.  With the FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2, “RC2” is for rebound adjustment and high and low-speed compression adjustment. These adjustments allow you to fine tune the shocks to your personal preference.

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– Chad Wienen Signature Series FLOAT 3 EVOL RC2 front shocks
– Custom tuned specifically for the Yamaha YFZ450R
– Infinitely Adjustable Dual Air Spring
– FLOAT Main Air Chamber
– EVOL Air Chamber
– Rebound Adjustment
– High and Low-Speed Compression Adjustment

– Factory Series Genuine Kashima Coat:  Distinctive gold color backed by its buttery-smooth, high performance attributes — exceptionally smooth feel and extreme durability
– Race-proven velocity-sensitive damping control technology:  Custom-tuned specifically for Chad Wienen
– Samurai Sealing System:  Specifically designed from a special low-temperature, highly durable material that scrapes away snow, ice and debris while keeping the seals lubricated for minimal friction
– Shed up to six pounds off your ATV (when replacing coil spring shocks)

– PTFE-lined spherical bearings to maximize durability
– Anodized Internal Floating Piston (IFP) and bearing housing to prevent oil contamination and to boost seal durability and lifespan
– 6061-T6 aluminum piggyback body caps, bodies, air sleeves, and reservoirs
– Fully rebuildable and serviceable