Fuel Customs YFZR/X Intake System (without airbox)

Fuel Customs YFZR/X Intake System (without airbox)


Get amazing power and throttle response with our highly anticipated Yamaha YRZR/X Intake System.  With over a year of R&D put into this system it’s truly a performer. With this system, we decided to make our own high flow Air Box instead using the much restrictive stock unit that comes with the bike. With our high flow box matched with our high flow intake tube, this intake surpasses anything on the market when compared.


Unique tapered design to create velocity

Enhanced filter protection

Improved throttle response

Increased horsepower and torque across the rpm range

Able to run the system with or without Airbox

Parts Included In System

Custom Air tube

High Flow Box

Rubber Adapter

2 Hose Clamps


Filter & Outerwear

2 Bolts and 2 Nuts for Subframe

* Note*
Air Filter is not Included